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efficient 3D modeling

Our flagship product is Meshwork, a MacOS 3D model editor that's especially well suited for making low-polygon-count, efficient models of the sort needed for games, VRML, and other applications where speed counts.

Lemonade Stand

Think you have what it takes to run your own business? Find out by playing Lemonade Stand, a faithful port of the 1979 Apple II classic. (Free -- share and enjoy!)


No matter how serious your work, you need a break now and then... and would could be more refreshing that tromping around in dank caves hunting the legendary Wumpus? (Free -- share and enjoy!)

Brick Ball

Want more of a challenge? Grab a paddle and step into the Brick Ball arena! Brick Ball is a 3D action/strategy game based on the classic "Breakout" game, but with lots of extras to discover and enjoy.


Still have stress to relieve? Try Armageddon, a fast-paced game of defense against incoming nuclear missiles. It's all about blowing stuff up. (Free -- share and enjoy!)


Concerned about invading hordes of shambling undead horrors? Refine your tactics with Zombies, a turn-based strategy game. (Free -- share and enjoy!)

(by Michael Hecht)

We're also hosting a web page for ResCompare, a free utility by Michael Hecht. We didn't write it, we just love it!

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