The Game

Lemonade Stand is a faithful port of a 1979 classic Apple II game. Test your business acumen by running a lemonade stand. Keep track of the weather, watch out for construction work, and manage your assets. Good clean fun for the whole family, and free!
We've updated the user interface to conform to modern UI standards, but kept the rules, gameplay, and flavor the same as the original. (Thanks to Jotefa for the casette tape photo.)

The Download

The current version of Lemonade Stand is 1.0 , and may be downloaded from: (1 MB) for Mac OS X (1 MB) for Windows 98/XP/ME

(Lemonade Stand is not currently made available in compiled form for Linux, but it's written in REALbasic, so it could be. I just don't have such machines handy to test on at the moment. I've been told that it works fine if you just make the buttons a little bigger.)

The Source

Lemonade Stand is both free and open-source. Download the project and resource files here: (92 KB)

This project was last edited with REALbasic 2006R1 on a Mac, but it should work fine on any platform.

If you poke around a bit, you'll even find the original 1979 Applesoft BASIC source code included as a note. We've updated the user interface a bit, but kept all the same equations and gameplay as the original.

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