Below are samples of some of the cool things people are doing with Meshwork.

(And yes, the title image above also qualifies -- modeled in Meshwork and rendered in POV-Ray. Designed by Matt Howell based on an earlier design by Miguel Angel. Download the Meshwork file if you'd like a look.)

Carlos Castillo-Garsow sent in some poseable characters to be used as sprites in an RPG by the Student Association of Computer Games Designers (SACGD) at Cornell.
Martin Dillon is building a simulation involving a chameleon lizard. The model is fully built, textured, and posed in Meshwork, and rendered here with POV-Ray.
Gregory La Vardera built this beautifully detailed anti-aircraft gun with Meshwork, for use with Target Rabaul, a cross-platform multiplayer combat flight simulator. (A larger image is also available.)
Ben Mitchell has produced a beautiful 3D driving/rescue game called Gravitass. All the modelling, animation and texture mapping was done in Meshwork. It looks gorgeous, and looks like a lot of fun too -- give it a try!
John Millett has carefully reconstructed real objects such as motorcycles, as well as the beatiful island scene shown here.
Carl Norman made this detailed M-60 for use with a Vietnam conversion of Myth II. He writes, "it is nice to be able to create detailed models like that quickly and easily."
Jeff Quan made this great tank with a combination of tools; the original modeling was done in Amapi, but it was broken apart and textured in Meshwork.
David Rosen made this posable character in Meshwork, with animation, posing, and rendering done with custom OpenGL code.
Matt Soden has been working on some nifty anime-style character models, shown at right.
Joe Strout whipped out these chess pieces (left) in a couple of hours, relying heavily on the Create Cylinder and Extrude functions. These pieces are part of a demo of RB3D, a 3D plugin for REALbasic. You can download the full set of Chess pieces (including Meshwork source) from the RB3D Sample Code page.

He's also using Meshwork to produce sprites (right) for use with a variety of REALbasic programming demos. You may recognize BetaMan from the Meshwork Samples folder (thanks to Todd DeMelle the original AlphaMan!).

Evan Thompson designed this beautiful variant on the tutorial mushroom, complete with detailed textures and three different poses!
"inmonjones" has been using Meshwork to model some great Star Trek ships, both good and evil -- check out his web page for more.
"Kotos" has been making game parts, such as the gun and Macross models shown here. Could there be a game in the works? Watch his web site to find out!

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