Meshwork is a 3D triangle-mesh modeling program for MacOS. It is designed especially for making compact, efficient objects for use in 3D games or on the web.

It imports and exports several file formats, including DXF and optimized 3DMF. It can also be used to produce VRML for the web, models for POV-Ray, sprites, models for OpenGL applications, and more.

What Users Are Saying About Meshwork ...
"Great work you are doing. I really love Meshwork! ... Do you realize, I have wanted and waited 15 years for this?"
-- K.R.

"I want to thank you for this incredible piece of software... The mesh modeler inside INFINI-D is very limited and I was glad when I found the existence of MESHWORK."
-- R.A.

"It is a tool no Mac 3D game developer should be without. I also make use of Lightwave and Ray Dream Studio for modeling but your application looks much better suited to my needs."
-- G.B.

"Finally, a simple 3d program to create Quake-like models in!!! WAHOO!"
-- J.B.

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Download Meshwork

The latest version is 2.0.1 . It is available in for OS X (or OS 8/9 with CarbonLib), classic PowerPC, or 68k Macs. By default, Meshwork runs in English, but it also supports several other languages (see the "Language Support" folder in the distribution). (Note: If you're interested in translating Meshwork into other languages, please contact me.)

Users of OS X should download the standard version of Meshwork: (600 KB)

Users of MacOS 8-9 should download the Classic version of Meshwork: (500 KB)

Finally, all users should probably download the Documentation & Sample Files: (1.3 MB)

Note: some Meshwork functionality requires an external library: Quesa for the standard version, or QuickDraw 3D for the Classic version. These are both freely available, and it is highly recommended that you install the appropriate one to get the most out of Meshwork.

See the Release Notes for information on how this version differs from previous releases.

Meshwork is a shareware application; you can use it for evaluation purposes for 30 days, but after that, please purchase a licence for continued use. Single-user licenses cost $30, and may be purchased via the "Register" application included with Meshwork, or on the web via Kagi's secure server.

Meshwork Documentation

The Meshwork Manual is available both here (online) and via the links above. It includes introductory material, topics in depth, a reference section and a tutorial. The documentation download also includes sample files.

There is also a tutorial on pinned-mode texture mapping by Jeff Quan.

Another excellent tutorial (also by Jeff Quan!) explains how alpha masks work in Meshwork/Quesa/QD3D.

(If you'd like to write your own tutorial on some aspect of Meshwork, or know of one I've missed, just let me know!)

Meshwork Mailing List

There is a mailing list for discussion of Meshwork use, tips and tricks, features you'd like to see, and so on. You can subscribe by sending mail to, or via the eGroup web interface. You can read the message archives at the same place. The list is open to both registered users, and folks who are interested but have not registered yet.

Known Bugs & Limitations

Meshwork is a very high-quality application, but bugs happen. I'll fix these bugs as soon as I can; but until I do, they'll be listed here so you can be forewarned.

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